A Cost Effective Way To Reface Cabinets

cabinet refacing

When we moved into this home, the previous owners had done a lot of updating.  On the surface, the cabinets seemed fine.  After we have lived in the home for a while, I have to admit, the color was starting to bug me.  The actual construction of the cabinets are solid.  They are 30 years old, but what we have been told, they are high quality cabinets.  At this stage in our lives, we can’t afford to replace high quality cabinets with high quality cabinets.  So we started to look into refacing them.  We contacted a local business about the cost of refacing the cabinets.

It was about the cost of replacing them.  No thanks!

My husband is pretty handy, but the thought of sanding all of the cabinets by hand did not thrill him.  It didn’t thrill me either because of the dust.  A friend of ours then told us about Rust-oleum Cabinet Transformations.

DSC05856They were going to reface their builder grade cabinets and would have us over to view them after they were done.  My hubby, who painted cars for a living before working for insurance, was doubtful.  Extremely, unbelievably doubtful.  This product claims you don’t have to sand.  That goes against every painter’s instinct.  However, he agreed to go and see their cabinets.

He’s sold.

They look fabulous!  I really wouldn’t call this product paint but it isn’t a stain.  It is a different texture than both.  The cabinets look great and we were eager to start on ours.  Now, you have to understand, my husband is generally the fix it guy around our house.  I handle certain areas of the home, he handles certain areas.  Messing with the cabinets when it involves possibly ruining them, is his area.  He is more of a natural perfectionist than I am.  I like things done well and right, it just sometimes takes me a few practice tries to get there.  Since I have never painted on cabinets before, imagine my shock when he agreed to let me give it a try.  He had quite a few other projects going on and didn’t have time for this one.

Grandma got the kids for a few days, I bought a box and we agreed to start with the hutch that is in the dining room.  (Same color and make of the kitchen cabinets.  If something went wrong, it wouldn’t matter as much!)

DSC05863We are refacing the hutch black, however the kitchen cabinets will be a wood color, still to be determined. :-)

It is going really, really well.  The process is easy, just takes time for each step to dry.

1. Degloss the cabinets (that is in place of the sanding)

2. Bond (that’s the painting step)

3. Glaze (optional)

4. Protective Finish

I will show you a finished picture when it gets done.  If I would have had one more day without children, I would have been able to finish it.  Now it has been a week, and I am still finishing it up.  (You know how that goes!) ;-)

One kit is more than enough to do my whole hutch.  Each kit is about $60-$70 at Menard’s.  So for $65 and my time, I have a new looking hutch.  I highly recommend this product!  (And I can’t wait to start on the kitchen cabinets!)



Loving Through Service: Using Your Kitchen As A Tool

This is part one of a three part series on serving those around you using your kitchen as a tool.

Loving Through Service

Our kitchens are important.  We make meals, do homework, eat with our families and have conversations in this room.  When we have company over, where does the group usually congregate?  In the kitchen.  We enjoy this room as a room of fellowship and function.  Our kitchens can also be used to help us serve others.  In part one in this series, I am going to highlight Loving Through Service.

So many times we ask ourselves, how can we serve others.  I think we try to come up with complex answers when in reality, simple solutions are best.  When someone is in need, they usually just want the act of caring more than the actual gift.  Whether you are serving your family or someone else, showing you are thinking of them is the greatest act of service you can give.

  • Outside Your Home

Do you have THAT neighbor?  The one who never waves hello or frowns when your children play a little to loudly outside.  Kindness goes a long way in a hardened heart.  Do you know how easy it is to double a casserole?  Taking a meal over to that neighbor might be the first step in a wave hello. Using our kitchens to help others whether it is a mom who just had a baby or giving a meal to someone who is sick, shows kindness.

When my husband and started attending our church, I was 5 months pregnant with our first child.  We weren’t regular attenders and we only attended one service a week.  However, in an act of love and caring, not only did those wonderful ladies throw a baby shower for me, they set up three meals for us after Ryan was born.  We didn’t even know their names.  We just had food on our doorstep.  To be truthful, that is when we realized how special and caring our church family was.  We are still at that church and I am now in charge of the food ministry.  I see first hand how special it is to help someone in need.

  • Inside Your Home

Showing love to your family through your kitchen may seem like an obvious topic.  Do you really realize HOW important your service to your family is?  While standing in the kitchen over a hot stove, you are providing a meal.  While washing the bottomless pit of dishes, you are providing safe eating utensils.  While sitting at the counter listening to your 12 year old tell you the latest fact in his fact book (ahem) you are providing attention.  All of those repetitive acts are acts of love.  Tonight, I had my husband tell me 4 times how much he appreciated the meal.  Before you think that happens every night, it doesn’t.  But he saw the effort it took and the time I put into it and thanked me.  (It probably also helped I served him bacon. ;-) )  He appreciated my service.  I appreciated his words.

  • Inside Your Marriage

In truth, I love serving my husband.  I love making him happy and helping him in anyway I can.  Now of course, it isn’t all peaches and roses.  There are nights I am tired and cranky or extremely busy.  He understands the pizza ordered in or the oatmeal for supper.  I try my best to serve him with a meal he likes and provide a clean kitchen.  We can show love to our spouses by the little acts of service.  As I have stated so many times, my husband is a meatatarian.  I know he wants meat and potatoes, hold the broccoli.  I do my best to serve a well rounded meal with foods we all can enjoy.  I like green pepper in many dishes.  He likes the flavoring, not the actual partaking.  I make sure the green pepper is either small enough he doesn’t know it is there or large enough he can take it out of his helping.  It’s the little things.

Next time you are in your kitchen, ask yourself, what can I do to help my spouse today?  Is it not standing in front of the refrigerator while it is open?  Maybe your spouse likes the counters completely clear of clutter.  Whatever you come up with, try it.  Serve your spouse with love.

Next Wednesday, I will have part two of this series called: Teaching Through Serving: Using Your Kitchen As A Tool.

Year Of Baking With Mom


I cannot believe it has been a year since I started Baking With Mom.

I started this blog for several reasons, one being I wanted to try something I knew nothing about (blogging) and see if I could do it.  Well, I am happy to say, I did it.  There was times I didn’t think I would make it. From just building readers to technical glitches (caused by a large internet company who shall remain nameless, so glad we aren’t with them anymore!) I had quite a few obstacles to overcome.  Yet, with the Lord’s help, I did.  Didn’t have a clue what I was doing, but somehow it all worked out. :-)

As seems to be the case, food pictures only get better.  I’m still not there yet, but soooo much better than the first pictures I took.  I need to retake them.  I look back on some of them and cringe.  Oh, well.  Newbie with a snapshot camera.  Not a newbie anymore but I still have that snapshot camera.  If all you have is a snapshot camera, decent pictures are possible.  You just have to be creative.

I put together a list of favorite posts.  My favorite, reader’s favorite, hubby’s favorite.  Thanks to all of my wonderful readers.  I am very thankful and blessed to be able to do this.

Raspberry Sherbet Cake

Raspberry Sherbet Cake

strawberry bread

Strawberry Bread


Honey Apple Spinach Salad

Honey Apple Spinach Salad


Homemade Waffles


Homemade Macaroni And Cheese

Cookies And Cream Candy

Cookies And Cream Candy

Gooey Butter Cake

Gooey Butter Cake

DSC03918 (1)

Cream Of Chicken Soup

Cinnamon Roll Bundt Cake

Cinnamon Roll Bundt Cake

Have you tried any of these recipes?  If so, I would love to hear about it!


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Meal Plan Monday

blueberry muffin

It is VBS week.  (For those who may not know, Vacation Bible School.)  Being VBS week, we will be B.U.S.Y!  My husband is taking the week off to help serve in VBS and I’m so grateful.  Why?  Getting four children out of the house, to the church and setting up crafts can be rather challenging.  Glad he will be there to lend a hand.  Of course, I’m also glad he will be there to do what he does best:  teaching children the love of Christ.

With all of that said, I need crock pot meals or quick meals this week.  I am going to put at least one thing in the freezer just so I stay in the freezer cooking groove.  Can’t break the groove. ;-)  I have 40 pounds of blueberries coming in this week so I would imagine my freezer planning will revolve around that.


Cereal (Keeping it real, we have to rush out the door every morning!), cinnamon scones from the freezer


PBJ, macaroni and cheese, pizza rolls, fruit, sugar snap peas, salads


Taco Soup, rice, rolls (from freezer)

Chicken in crockpot, noodles, green beans

Omelets/scrambled eggs, bacon, cinnamon coffee cake

Eating Out

Homemade pizza, salad, fruit salad

Fill The Freezer

Blueberry Cinnamon Roll Muffins

Blueberry Muffins


Fill It Up Friday: Cherries, Chicken And Pizza Bake


I was wondering how my Freezer Cooking plan would go.  After all, I had all four children gone and I had a very ambitious to-do plan.  Well, I didn’t get much on the list done while they were gone, but I did get most of my buffet refaced.  I can’t wait to show you.  It is looking great and the product is great!  I’ll have a post on it next week.

I did however manage to get a couple things in freezer this week.  See the cherries?  Oh, my, yum.   My kind in-laws pick these up for us every year.  They are sour cherries but they are already pitted and have a little sugar added to them.  I get 30 lbs for $45.  Not a bad deal.  Especially because they are already pitted! :-)


I divide them into bags (about 2-3 cups per bag) and freeze them, laying them flat to save room.  They thaw wonderfully and are so good.  We enjoy eating them plain, or using them in Easy Cherry Dessert or Cherry Crisp.

Grilled Chicken

I also was able to put Grilled Chicken in the freezer.  Thanks to my grill master chef hubby (and to getting chicken breasts on sale), we grilled a few pounds of chicken.  After grilling, I cut the chicken up and divided it into freezer bags.  We have been eating on it all week.  It is healthy, great for sandwiches or on salads and quick to grab.  Also, it’s grilled chicken.  Enough said, right? ;-) I figured the cost of the chicken at less than $1.00 per freezer bag.  Great for an inexpensive lunch.


Lastly, I doubled the pizza bake we had for supper one night and froze one of the pans.


(Love the two year old fingers in the picture–puts the “mom” in Baking With Mom, don’t ya think?!?)

Here is the recipe for Pizza Bake.  It is so easy, freezes great and the kids enjoy it.

Did you get anything put away in your freezer this week?  I would like to hear about it!