Breaded Ravioli (Baked Not Fried)

These delicious breaded ravioli are baked and not fried so they are healthier than the restaurant version. Just as tasty and flavorful, you will enjoy this appetizer and want it often!

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I feel rather foolish for not thinking of these sooner in my life. When we go to restaurants, I like to order the breaded ravioli (also known as toasted ravioli) on occasion.  It is something I have always enjoyed and it is a special treat. They aren’t that healthy since they are fried so I wouldn’t get them often.

Well, not Baking With Mom’s version of breaded ravioli.  (Are you glad you follow this blog? Good ideas happen here.)


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Garbage Truck Birthday Cake

What a fun Garbage Truck Birthday Cake! It is a fun cake for your child to enjoy at his party.

Garbage Truck Birthday Cake

Jessica from Sweetwater Cakes sent in another great cake for my readers to enjoy.  This Garbage Truck Birthday Cake is perfect for the truck fan in your household. Jessica says this about the cake:

“This was my first “carved/shaped” cake.  It is three layers of yellow cake with chocolate buttercream frosting, covered with fondant, with fondant accents.  I had to make it wider that I wanted to, to make sure there was enough to serve all of the guests at the party.  His face LIT up when he saw his cake!”  

You could decorate the table with trucks, some “garbage” (like cookies, jelly beans and Junior Mints).  You could even get some small, decorator garbage cans for the punch or candy supply.

Have you seen Jessica’s cakes?

Here are a few:

Horseshoe Cake

Horseshoe Cake


Wizard Of Oz

Apple Cinnamon Bread With Crumb Topping

Apple season is here! This Apple Cinnamon Bread With Crumb Topping is soft, full of flavor and delicious for breakfast, snack or to pack in a lunch box. 

apple cinnamon bread with crumb topping

It is entirely possible the fall recipes will be overabundant here on Baking With Mom.  I am a huge fan of fall and fall flavors so this time of year, the oven gets fired up and my house smells like cinnamon.

A lot of cinnamon.

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Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Bread

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Bread is a new twist on the classic pumpkin bread. Fall flavors have never tasted so good.

pumpkin chocolate chip cheesecake bread

With school in full swing around here, and fall quickly approaching, I thought I would tackle two tasks in one quick baking session:

  1. Make up some homemade goodies for the kid’s lunches
  2. Make something pumpkin

We like pumpkin bread around here (as well as pumpkin pancakes) so I figured I would make my standard pumpkin bread or muffins recipe. I like to make up a batch and then freeze them for the children to pull out of the freezer when they pack their lunches.

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The Best Apples For Eating, Baking And Sauce

Finding the best apples for eating, baking and sauce can be rather confusing when surrounded by a lot of varieties of apples. Here is a guide to help you find the best ones.

A Taste Of Apple

We enjoy apples at our house.  Actually, they are my all around favorite fruit. Apples can be eaten raw, cooked, baked in a dessert or main dish and eaten as a side dish. They travel well, are juicy, sweet and tart. You can add cinnamon to them (hello!) and they taste amazing with brown sugar.

Besides my appreciation for cookies, I would have to say the apple pie is my favorite, favorite dessert.

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Caramel Cheerios Bars

These Caramel Cheerios Bars have all of the ingredients in them to make a kids friendly favorite. Caramel marshmallows, Kraft Caramels and M&M’s make up these yummy bars. 

Caramel Cheerios Bars with caramel marshmallows, kraft caramels and M&M's

Shopping with a three year old can end with unexpected items in your cart.

As we were walking through Walmart, well, speeding through Walmart, Caleb happened to catch the marshmallow section out of the corner of his eye. As he was proclaiming we needed some marshmallows and I was saying, no we don’t need marshmallows, I saw some new marshmallows I haven’t seen before.

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