Chocolate Chip Cookie Delight


Here at Baking With Mom it is all about ease.

What do I have on hand to whip something up because my hungry family is waiting and I haven’t been to the store in a while my husband has to be out the door in an hour.

What is nice is when an idea pops in my head, I have all the ingredients for the recipe in my head and it is easy.

It tastes great too.

I have mentioned once or twice my love for all things cookie.  Cookies are really the ultimate dessert so when you can combine cookie with other ingredients you make a super ultimate dessert.  (Yes, you do.)  I have started a Pinterest Group Board called Cookies and Brownies because of my enjoyment of cookies.  (By the way, if you would like to join the group board, leave me a comment on this post.  I would be happy to add you!)

This wonderful dessert was so easy.  It would have been easier if I had store bought cookie dough on hand, then it would be a 3 ingredient dessert.  I don’t usually have store bought on hand so I whipped up my old standby Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe.  It comes together in minutes.

The family rated it very highly and they staked their claim on the leftovers.  My 11 year old found a way to take some in his school lunch.  (Tell me it didn’t turn upside down in a 6th grade locker.  Yeah, right.) :-)

Chocolate Chip Cookie Delight

Chocolate chip cookie recipe (or you can use store bought)

1 small box instant chocolate pudding

3/4 container Cool Whip

Make the chocolate chip cookie dough according to the recipe.  Put the dough on a large cookie sheet and shape into a large circle.  (I used my hands.)  Bake @ 375* for 15-20 minutes or until golden brown and cooked through.

In the meantime, mix the chocolate pudding according to directions on the box.  It will set up while the cookie is baking.  When cookie is done baking, take out and let cool.  If you are in a hurry, you can put it into the refrigerator to help cool.  After cookie has cooled, spread pudding and Cool Whip on top.  Enjoy!

Answers In Genesis Vacation Bible School Material


Summer is quickly approaching!  With summer comes sun, swimming, relaxing days and Vacation Bible School.  As I child, I went to VBS every year until I was in 6th grade.  It was always looked forward to.  I would see my friends, play games and learn more about the Bible.  (Snack time was always appreciated as well.  I remember those vanilla sandwich cookies being a popular snack!)

I’m involved in VBS now as an adult through my church.  I’m one of the craft leaders.  The last few years, my church has used the Answers In Genesis VBS material.  It is well written, fun and the children enjoy it!  It has great material for the teachers to use, great snack ideas to make snack time fun (yes, I know, snack time is always fun–even if it is just vanilla sandwich cookies) ;-) and it comes with a craft book with craft ideas.

This year the VBS theme is International Spy Academy (Agents For The One True God).  This is what the AIG website says about International Spy Academy:

 “Grab your secret decoder ring and put on your rearview mirror glasses because next summer, your kids are heading to the International Spy Academy where they’ll train to become special agents for the one true God! This exciting new Vacation Bible School program is filled with fun mysteries your kids will love and the Bible-based apologetics you trust to teach them truths they won’t forget!”

You can go to the Answers In Genesis site to learn more about this material.

*The links in this post are my affiliate links (you can see our disclosure policy).  While I always support all companies I promote (I wouldn’t promote them if I didn’t), I personally am exposed to AIG’s material weekly.  My family and church have used enough of their material to know they are a true, Bible-based company. 

Honey or Vinegar: Which Are You?


The other day I came across an elderly man at a store.  Ahead of me in line with no one else behind or in front of me, I had access to what he and the store cashier were saying.  Actually, it was what HE was saying, not the cashier.  This man was rude.  (Very hopelessly, unbelievably rude.)  The man started talking about the price of a shirt.  When the cashier didn’t give him the answer he wanted, he called the store employee extremely unkind names.  I heard the cashier’s response. It was professional and he only got agitated when the man insulted him.  (A very blatant insult.)  Being my children were with me, I left the line in search of another so my children wouldn’t hear this horrible exchange.

All day long I thought about this man and what he was trying to accomplish.  He wanted a certain price on this shirt.  I’m all for saving a few dollars, however whatever sympathy he may have received went out the window when his insults began.  Could he have approached this situation in another way?  Of course he could have and should have.  As the saying goes:

You’ll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.    

Which are you?  Which way do you approach tough situations? Do you attack at the first sign of a disagreement?  Or do you approach it with kindness and thought for the other person?

There is nothing wrong standing up for yourself.  I have had many times where I was justified in my anger or was right in the situation.  I have, and hopefully succeeded, been politely pointed in my speech.  I have noticed when I am calm and talk about what is wrong, they are more likely to see things my way.

What happens when you are vinegar?  The other people involved don’t trust you, you could be insulting (without even meaning to) and you are ruining your testimony.

I had the opportunity to teach my oldest child this lesson a few months ago.  He was angry over a decision his teacher had made concerning his grade.  He wanted to go and talk to her about it.  I encouraged him to be respectful, to pray before speaking and to accept any response she gives him.  He was frustrated and did not want to be nice about it.  I told him he will go farther with respect.  Well, he did talk to her, was respectful (she told me he was) but didn’t get his grade changed.  However, she is now his favorite teacher and she just recently awarded him a high award.  Honey rather than vinegar wins every time in some way.

Be honey.  Be sweet.  Be someone others want to work with.  I figured up the amount the man wanted to save.  $4.  Yes, $4.  His complaining and insulting remarks were over a measly $4.  How sad is that?

Be honey this week and beyond.  Think about others more than yourself.  You’ll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.  I guarantee it.

Family Favorite: Baked Ham


Guest Post by: A Reader

Make foil to line a 9×13 pan that will cover ham completely.
Put 1 – 15oz. can of pineapple over ham plus juice.
20 whole cloves sprinkled over ham.
Cover ham with foil tightly.
Keep water in bottom of pan.
Cook at 300 for 6 to 7 hours.
Baking With Mom Note: This looks perfect for Easter Sunday dinner!

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Strawberry Shortcake


I’m sorry.  I’m going to throw so many strawberry recipes at you, you will probably grow weary.  Or maybe not if you are like us.  It’s not even time for our strawberry patch to produce.  These are all store bought strawberries.  Which are good, but pale in comparison to the homegrown ones.  Sorry, it’s true.  If you think you don’t have room for a strawberry patch in your yard, stay tuned.  I will show you where ours is in our un-garden friendly yard.

When I was making this, my children were were circling the kitchen again.  My husband wasn’t because he was outside.  However, if he was near, I’m sure he would have insisted on a taste or two.  After supper while eating this strawberry shortcake, my hubby told me it was really good.  Twice.  My older two children told me they were going to figure out a way to take this in their lunch for school.  Their father and I looked at each other and laughed.  Silly children.  It was gone by nightfall. :-)


Strawberry Shortcake

2 1/4 cup flour

1/2 cup sugar

1/4 teaspoon salt

2 teaspoon baking powder

1/3 cup butter (softened)

1 cup milk

1 egg

1 pound strawberries, cut

Whipped cream

Mix flour, sugar, salt and baking powder together in a bowl.  Add butter and mix well until mixture is crumb texture (I use my hands).  Add milk and eggs and mix well.  Spread in a round 8 inch pan, sprayed with cooking spray.  Bake at 400* for 20-25 minutes or until brown.  Remove from oven and let cool.  When cool, slice in half horizontally.  Spread with 1/2 whipped cream and top with 1/2 strawberries on bottom half of shortcake. Put on top half and add rest of whipped cream and strawberries.

Easy Ravioli Casserole


My 5 year old was watching me adjust this picture of the Easy Ravioli Casserole.  He exclaimed, “Oh, yum! Make that!” Considering we just had this Tuesday night, it reaffirmed my belief it is a favorite around this house.  It is so easy to put together.  You can whip it up in a matter of minutes then let the oven do the rest.

It only takes a few ingredients.  I like to make my own homemade sauce, however, I am known to use store bought when I get a good deal.  It is also handy to have on hand for a quick meal.  What is funny is this recipe takes cottage cheese.  Nobody in this family likes cottage cheese.  To be honest, it’s like eating yogurt with milk curds in it.  No thanks!   Anyway, in lasagna or this ravioli casserole, it tastes sooo good.  You add cheese mixed with ravioli–you have dinner success.


Easy Ravioli Casserole

1 bag beef (or cheese) frozen ravioli

1 jar spaghetti sauce

1 8 oz container cottage cheese

1 egg

2-3 cups mozzarella cheese

Lightly spray the bottom of a 9×13 pan with cooking spray.  Spread 1/2 cup sauce on the bottom of the pan.  Place frozen ravioli on the bottom of the pan, side by side. (About 5 across-it will be about 1/2 the bag.)  Mix the cottage cheese, egg and 1 1/2 cups mozzarella cheese in a bowl.  Spread 1/2 of mixture over the ravioli.  Spread 1/2 jar of sauce over cheese mixture.  Repeat all layers (ravioli, cheese and sauce).  Put the remaining cheese on top of the casserole and place foil on the pan.  Bake at 375* for 30 minutes.  Remove foil and bake for additional 20-30 minutes at 400*.  Let sit for a few minutes before dishing out.


*You can easily add spinach to this recipe.  When I have spinach in the garden, I add 1 cup spinach to the cheese mixture.*

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