31 Days To Becoming A Proverbs 31 Woman

31 Days To Becoming A Proverbs 31 Woman

I decided to jump on this 31 day writing challenge at 6:15 am on October 1st.  Nothing like last minute planning!  I’m typically not a last minute type of gal, however with the crazy busy week last week, the days flew by and here we are.

I decided I am going to write about something I am very, very passionate about.  The Proverbs 31 Woman.  Since my blog is about baking, tending to your family’s needs and taking care of your home, I thought it would work nicely with my blog topic.  Not to mention, it is a great subject.

When we really started getting involved with the church we are currently at, I remember sitting in a M.O.M.S group, listening to a devotion.  The speaker made the comment, “You all know the Proverbs 31 woman”.

I didn’t have a clue who the Proverbs 31 woman was.

There was a woman in Proverbs?  Why was she special?  Who was she?  Why hadn’t I heard of her before?  Since this person who was giving the devotion (though I didn’t know her well yet) seemed to know what she was talking about, I wanted to learn everything I could on the Proverbs 31 woman.  Over the years, I have learned the meaning, the passion and the truth about this Godly woman who wanted to serve, care for and tend to her family.

My goal is to be like her.

Every day this month, we will talk about the Proverbs 31 woman and how God gave us this example on how to shape our homes and families.  Stick with me as I am reminded the truths of this passage and I reveal my many shortcomings.  Hope you will still like me. ;-)

Dandelion Cupcakes

Dandelion Cupcakes

Type Of Cake: Dandelion Cupcakes

Contributor: Jessica Of Sweetwater Cakes

These were for a friend who turned 40 and loves dandelions and making wishes when you blow them.  These are your basic yellow cake with chocolate buttercream frosting and custom fondant toppers.  These were fun to make.

Do you have a cake/cupcakes you would like to send into Baking With Mom?  Remember, even if you aren’t an expert, something YOU create may be an inspiration to others! You can send them into Bakingwithmom6 @ gmail . com.  (Remove spaces.)

Pulled BBQ Chicken Sandwiches

Pulled BBQ Chicken Sandwiches

Pulled BBQ Chicken Sandwiches sounds so time consuming and special, doesn’t it.  It really isn’t.

This is one of those meals last week that I literally THREW in the crock pot in preparation to bolt out the door.  It is not hard.  It doesn’t take any thought.  In fact, when planning this post, I wondered if I should even post it.  It is THAT easy.  However, I wanted to help other busy cooks like myself so they would have a quick and DELICIOUS meal when they arrived home from work, kid driving or church.

What is nice about these pulled BBQ chicken sandwiches, is the BBQ sauce.  We, um, use bottled sauce most of the time.  However, if you have a favorite recipe you can use it on these sandwiches.  (By the way, if you have a favorite recipe, send it in to me!) :-)  We typically use Kraft Honey Hickory Smoke.  It is a nice blend of flavors however not to spicy for the little ones.  I want to mention this chicken sandwich was VERY kid friendly.  Everyone ate it, quite happily, and it was taken in lunches the next couple of days.  Not only did I get a quick supper out of it, I got several lunches as well.  Got to love that!

Pulled BBQ Chicken Sandwiches


  • Chicken Breasts (Enough for your family size. I used four)
  • BBQ Sauce


  • Take frozen or thawed chicken breasts and place in crock pot.
  • FROZEN chicken-cook on high for 4 hours.
  • THAWED chicken-cook on low for 4 hours.
  • After cooking chicken, pour 1 cup (or more depending on taste) of BBQ sauce on chicken.
  • Shred the chicken with forks.
  • Cook the chicken on low for 1-2 hours more.
  • *If you are using frozen chicken, you may want to drain the juices off before you add the BBQ sauce.
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My Walmart Experiment: The Good, The Bad And The Frugal!

My Walmart Experiment: The Good, The Bad and the Frugal!

I live in a small town.  It has a nice grocery store with rather high prices.  I have to be very careful, but I can usually find some deals among the high priced items.  To grocery shop there would take my grocery budget to new levels.    Thankfully, we have a nice shopping selection in the town next to us.  I have a Kroger’s (which I enjoy shopping at) and a new Aldi’s (which I REALLY enjoy shopping at) in this town.  There is also a Walmart.

Please keep in mind, I don’t necessary mind Walmart, though the check out lines leave a little to be desired. :-) If there aren’t deals at the other stores (except for Aldi), Walmart is really my only choice for the lowest price.  However, I found myself spending more and more at Walmart when I was supposed to be spending less.  Why?  There are too many choices!  I watch what I spend at Kroger’s because the normal prices are rather high.  Aldi has great items but not everything I need to buy.  Walmart has such a large selection and the prices are pretty fair.  I would go in for a couple of items and walk out with a cartload.  Something had to give!

Our Budget

We have a set amount we would like to spend on groceries every two weeks.  Thanks to our growing family (and our cross country running child!), our budget number keeps increasing.  I am going to be completely transparent here: I was spending well over $100 more every two weeks for groceries than I should have.  I could not figure out why!  I did the couponing.  I watched for sales.  I did the Aldi store run.  Where was I failing?  At Walmart.

The Challenge

At the end of August, I decided to not shop at Walmart for one month.  I would only allow myself certain items to buy there.  Nothing else.  I would stay focused as I was pushing my spinning wheeled, veering to the right shopping cart.  I wanted to avoid it completely just to see if I could do it, but I knew some items I just had to buy there to save money.  My husband was all for the plan, though I am not sure he believed I could do it.  My children were on cart duty.  If they saw me put anything into my cart that I hadn’t previously said I was going to buy, they were to point out I wasn’t supposed to buy it.  Of course, I think they probably would have let donuts or Popsicles slide by. ;-)

The Walmart Items

These are the items I would only buy at Walmart:

  • Cat Food-several dollars cheaper than anyone near me
  • Large Carton of Yogurt-I literally gasped when I saw the price of the yogurt at our local store.  Over $2 more than Walmart.  Couldn’t do it.  Just couldn’t.
  • Vitamins
  • Bagels-I sometimes make them from scratch but if I don’t, Lenders are our favorite kind.
  • Pizza Sauce-Walmart’s pizza sauce is $1.19 and we like it.
  • Sunbelt Granola Bars-I just like them.
  • Any items I price match.
  • Freezer Pops-my husband’s favorite flavors are only sold at Walmart.
  • Garbage Bags

Other than that, I wouldn’t buy anything.

The Result

Well, it was a little hard at first.  I’m not a spendy shopper.  I really don’t need to buy much when I’m out, but when you are walking all the way to the back of the store to get yogurt a few things got in my line of vision.  Like the clearance shelf.  For the most part, I stayed focused and for the first time in a long time, I was right at budget the first two weeks!  I remembered that hard core couponing is rewarding when the cashier told me I saved $45.  It took more time to really focus on where to buy things and to see if there was a coupon for it.  (So I could get it at another store.)  However, the time invested was well worth the work.

What Next?

To avoid Walmart.  I really do better when I buy as little as I can there.  It isn’t Walmart’s fault unless you can blame them for having so much stuff. :-) (It’s like Madame Blueberry’s Stuff Mart!)  I am going to keep couponing harder, focus on what I need to get there and see if I can lower our grocery bill some more.

What about you?  Where is your favorite place to grocery shop?

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