Crock Pot  Venison Roast

Baking With Mom

Hello! Making a delicious roast from venison is as easy as can be. Only FOUR ingredients and cooks all day in the crock pot. So simple!

Let’s get started!

6 Rules For Making Venison Roast

Only four ingredients

Cook on high 5 hours

Add all ingredients in the beginning

You use beef gravy mix

Use beef broth not water

Leftovers can be stored for later

Yeast Package
Flour Bag
Flour Bowl

Ingredients: 1. Venison roast 2. Beef broth 3. Dry gravy mix 4. Onion soup mix

Add all ingredients to the roast in the crock pot. And cook. Your house will smell delicious!

Serve over rice, on buns or eat alone! Delicious!