5 Tips For Baking With Children Over 5

Tips for baking with children

Last time, I gave 5 tips for baking in the kitchen with children under 5.  Today, I am going to give tips for baking in the kitchen with children over 5.

  • Help Pick Recipe

A few years ago, I handed my oldest a cookbook and told him to pick a recipe.  After picking a yummy looking dessert, I told him to pick again.  This time a supper idea.  (Should have said that in the first place.) :-) He did.  I added that to our menu and had it for supper one night.  He enjoyed helping me plan our menu.  What a great time to talk about nutrition, preparation and money (cost of the meal).

  • Help Read The Recipe (if able)

I don’t know why, but children (mine at least) seem to love to read a recipe.  It may be because it is different than a normal book.  Maybe it makes them feel grown up.  I don’t know, but either way, they usually read it with pleasure as they carefully indicate if it is ¼ or ¾ cup.  They are also learning how not to dump in all the ingredients, the ingredients go in a certain order.  I remember my child saying, “Oh!” after discovering that fact.  It was a learning moment for him.

  • Plan Ahead

Same with the little ones.  Maybe with the older children it isn’t as important, but in your mind at least, what do you expect your child to do?  Have a plan.  Don’t go into the kitchen unprepared.

  • Encourage Independence

My oldest LOVED, LOVED, LOVED having me call him into the kitchen, hand him a recipe and walk away.  He felt grown up and independent.  He came into the living room once or twice and asked me a question, but other than that, he was on his own.  (I did supervise and help with the oven.)  He is getting old enough to use the oven but I wanted to be there to be sure it is done right.  Give your child the chance to bake something in the kitchen without your help.  It is a lesson they will appreciate!

  • Allow “Creation Day”

This takes, um, trust.  I have mainly done this with my daughter.  It is called her “concoction”.  She has full reign of the kitchen.  She adds whatever ingredient she wants to her dish.  We have had some interesting combinations.  Lemon juice and cinnamon as a main ingredient was one.  Egg, flour, sugar and marshmallow mixture in attempts to make a cake was another.  Did you know no matter how long you have something in the oven, it does not turn into a cake? 😉 She was about 4 or 5 at that time.  Having a creation day fosters growth in so many ways.  I took the opportunity to teach her how rising agents in baking is important.  Why salt is added to many things.  Why adding nothing but lemon juice, sugar and cinnamon isn’t necessary a good thing.  (Yes, we eat every edible creation.  Okay, we TRY every edible creation!)  I want to say, her peanut butter and jelly cake was a bit dense, but not too bad! It was hard for me at first to let go of costly ingredients, but it really doesn’t cost much.  If you factor in the learning aspect of it, it is all worth it.

Do you like to bake in the kitchen with your children?  It is a learning experience (and a family fun time!) you won’t forget.

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